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Joshua-brock from Texas



from Texas

Joshua has a smile that lights up the room! He has a very friendly and social personality with adults and other children. Joshua loves to help his teachers at school and is very considerate most of the time. He is always thinking about other people's feelings. He loves to cuddle and is very affectionate. Joshua loves spending time in nature. He also enjoys participating in outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking and playing games. Joshua may benefit from participating in cooperative activities, such as Boy Scouts or organized team sports. He enjoys playing video games and collecting Pokemon cards. Joshua loves art, he enjoys drawing and coloring pictures for those close to him. He enjoys crafting jewelry and is a very creative child. Joshua loves animals and would love to have a pet dog or cat.

Joshua would prefer a home with a father and a mother. He will benefit from being the youngest child in the home. Joshua looks forward to having a big brother or sister in the home to look up to.

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