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Josiah from Texas



from Texas

Josiah can be shy and quiet at first, then once he is more comfortable, he begins to open up. Josiah is very specific about what he wants, but he is actively working on being more patient and controlling his responses to be more positive. Josiah loves being active and enjoys outdoor activities. His favorite sports are soccer and basketball. Josiah is a very happy child who loves camping, dancing, and singing. He also enjoys playing video games, building Legos, and playing outside. He likes to be joking around with others and watching funny videos. Josiah's favorite subjects in school are math and reading.

Josiah wishes to be a part of a family. He is very connected with his heritage and culture and wishes to remain in a family who will nurture this connection, as well as support him in maintaining contact with his siblings. Josiah will need a family who is firm and can offer him patience, redirection, and structure. He is looking for a family who can provide him positive reinforcement and not give up on him should things get tough. Josiah is ready for his forever family.

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