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Juan from Texas



from Texas

Juan is a reserved, quiet, and athletic young boy at home and school. He enjoys playing many sports such as soccer, basketball, but his passion is for playing and watching football. Juan enjoys the Dallas Cowboys and would love to see them play in person with his forever family. He enjoys playing video games. His favorites include, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Street Fighter, Tekken, and most role playing games which are on current game consoles. At first, Juan can seem shy when meeting new people, but once he feels comfortable with them, he become very social and friendly. He enjoys socializing with others.

Juan has voiced his wishes to be adopted into a loving, nurturing, and supportive family. Juan has stated he is open to having any sort of family with a single parent, two moms, two dads, or a mom and dad. Juan wants to be a part of a family who will love him unconditionally and will benefit from a family who has patience and a deep understanding of what he has endured in his young life. Juan's family will be patient with him in opening up and expressing his feelings, and understand where he is coming from. His family will reinforce healthy boundaries and expectations.

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