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Jude from Texas



from Texas

Jude is a bright child who likes playing sports, riding his bike, and playing video games. He is very helpful and likes to help out around the house. He loves doing chores and helping his foster parents. Jude enjoys playing with the family dogs and will take them on walks. He makes friends easily but can be authoritative at times and will lose his friendships. Jude is looking forward to playing basketball and would like to pursue other sports in the future. He is doing much better in school. He enjoys art and PE and his grades have improved. Jude is very personable and can carry on a conversation. He is very active at times but can be redirected.

Jude would like a family who is loving and attentive. He wants and needs a family that is active and able to be involved in the activities he enjoys. Jude is okay with the idea of having siblings as well. He will benefit from a structured family that cultivates patience and consistency. He responds well in a household that is both accommodating and dependable. Jude will also do well with a family that is able to provide one-on-one time with him and explore his strengths. He wants a family that, above all, will love and support him unconditionally for the exceptional child he is.

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