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Juliana from Texas



from Texas

Juliana is a sweet young lady that is a typical teenager. She is very shy but once she warms up to you, she is bubbly and upbeat. She loves to hang out with her friends. She loves to dance and joke around. Juliana wants to attend cosmetology school when she gets older. She aspired to be a makeup artist and own her own makeup line. In her free time, Juliana likes to hang out at the movies with her bestfriend, as well as practice on her makeup craft. She is a social person but also loves to be by herself, and have her personal space. She does well in school and does not have any issues with learning. She is well behaved and does not require much redirection.

Juliana needs a family that is going to embrace her and help her reach her full potential. Her forever family will help boost her confidence and show her that she is beautiful. Her forever family will be patient, nurturing and love her unconditionally.

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