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Justine from Texas



from Texas

Justine is a sensitive and genuine soul who loves quality individual attention. She enjoys listening to music, learning about animals, and engaging in sensory play. Justine adores positive incentives and genuinely wants the approval of adults and peers around her. She is challenged with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, but has been working hard on learning the skills to manage her behavior. Justine cares deeply about others and always wants to make sure that she is kind. Her desire to be kind is not isolated to people, she also wants to make sure that the bees, lady bugs, horses, and crabs are treated well so that they are friendly. Justine needs simplified instructions and benefits from concrete explanations and supportive tools. She has difficulties understanding the behavior of others and determining their responses to social situations. Justine loves to socially interact and likes to talk with others about their feelings and behavior. She needs patience and prompts when she has changes in her schedule or in her environment. Justine is an alternative learning environment. She likes spending time with her little sister and having a connection to her family. She likes having her hair braided and sharing her various outfits. Justine has a large collection of stuffed animals and dolls that are constantly receiving affection and gentle care. She is charming and inquisitive and never knows a stranger. Justine has a delightful sense of humor and enjoys making those around her laugh and smile. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Justine needs a patient, structured, and loving home with a consistent routine and careful supervision. Her family will ensure she feels safe and comfortable. Justine needs to have a home that will help maintain her connection with her younger sister. The family will provide her with one on one attention and be willing to access the resources that she needs. Justine does well with other children and is able to be in a home with siblings as long as she is able to continue to have her emotional and behavioral needs met. Justine adores animals and would love to have access to or be able to care for them. Justine needs a family who will advocate for her and share in her accomplishments.