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Justyn from Texas



from Texas

Justyn is a beautiful and pleasant young boy. He loves listening to music and having nursery rhymes read to him. Justyn also likes "The Price Is Right" game show. Justyn loves lights and toys that light up. He communicates through his actions and expressions. Justyn recognizes voices and will follow the voice with his eyes. When Justyn appears to not want to be bothered, he will not make eye contact. Justyn makes facial expressions at times. He receives home schooling twice a week. Justyn will be a delight to any family who will help him develop to his full potential. Justyn is diagnosed with several medical conditions, some of which include Cerebral Anoxia, Cerebral Palsy, and seizure disorder. He is medically fragile and requires continuous monitoring. Justyn is on total ventilator support and requires daily oxygen and receives breathing treatments every few hours. He receives feedings through a g-tube. Justyn uses a wheelchair for mobility and is transported by an ambulatory transport service to and from doctor appointments. Justyn will need parents who will care and provide for his needs long term. Justyn is a generally content child; he typically looks up and he is soothed when he blows bubbles with his mouth. He likes to be comforted by the primary sense of touch. Justyn moves his head towards the individual who is comforting him.

Justyn needs of a loving and kind forever family. The family must be willing to work with doctors, nurses, and therapist to ensure that Justyn receives the most appropriate services available. He needs a family who is knowledgeable of his medical needs and is able to devote a lot of time to caring for him and meeting his needs. Justyn is in need of a family who will be patient with him and give provide him love, affection, nurturing, and the support he needs.

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