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Kaden from Texas



from Texas

Kaden has a very charming and outgoing personality. He tends to be very funny and charismatic once you get to know him. Family is very important to Kaden. He has expressed an interest in becoming a doctor and helping kids like himself. Kaden previously participated in band and played the trumpet. He enjoys playing video games and reading. Kaden likes reading comics in both the DC and Marvel universe. He benefits from smaller classes with individualized attention. Kaden does well with verbal praise. He is continuing to practice managing his feelings and behaviors and will benefit from a patient family who will support him with this.

Kaden needs a family who will support him in continuing contact with his grandmother, who he is very close to. Kaden's family will also be very consistent with him in regards to structure and discipline. He needs a positive support system to help him express his thoughts and feelings.

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