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Kaedence from Texas



from Texas

Kaedence is a loving girl who loves being around people. Though she can be shy at first, she is quick to warm up to and be your friend. She can be funny at times and wants everyone around her to be happy. She has many interests that keep her busy and active. She is passionate about softball and likes enjoys playing the game. She also likes to look good and is into makeup and creating new styles to show off. She has a healthy appetite and especially enjoys eating seafood. In fact, she likes it so much that if she could only eat one thing for the rest of her life it would probably be seafood. She enjoys cooking and is always coming up with new recipes to share. She does fairly well in school. Sometimes gets overwhelmed when upset and will lash out verbally. Once she's had a chance to calm down, she will apologize and is remorseful. Due to different life experience she is still learning healthy coping skills. She prefers to know what will happen next in life, and does not like surprises. She is ready to be apart of her forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Kaedence will do well in any home setting but would likely thrive with a strong female role model. Her forever family will be patient and allow her to express herself without judgement. She would love to have a family who is active and will encourage her to participate in activities that will improve her self-esteem and social skills. She needs love in the form of consistent structure, routine, teaching/training, nurturing and encouragement. Her forever family will demonstrate emotional affection as it helps her feel appreciated for who she is as a person.

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