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Kaleah from Texas



from Texas

Kaleah is a loving and energetic youth with a tender smile. She enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and playing board games. She also enjoys singing along in the car to music. Kaleah can be very gentle and playful with her peers and continues to work on controlling her behaviors. She has typical teenage interest, she has begun to care about her fashion, and is working on social skills to help her make long term friends. She can shy away from new friends or activities at first, but once she is comfortable, she will participate and try new things. Kaleah has shown to be respectful and has good manners. She enjoys giving hugs and finds comfort in stuffed animals. Kaleah would like to maintain contact with her two older siblings, who are not a part of this adoption.

Kaleah wants to be in a home with a mom and a dad and is hoping for some pets. Kaleah needs to have role models who can teach her self-respect, appropriate relationship building skills, and show her how to trust. It is important for this family to be patient and willing to give her time to open up and feel safe. She needs a loving family who will show her they are supportive and loving no matter what. The family will have structure, show encouragement, and provide her one-on-one attention. Kaleah is also working on becoming a better self by working on making better choices and thinking about the consequences of her actions. She needs a family who will supervise her and guide her to make positive choices. Kaleah is good with older and younger children and loves animals. She is good at camouflaging her feelings. She will appear to be happy on the outside, but can get sad on the inside, so she will need a family who will show her lots of love and is ready to nurture her. Kaleah will do well with an active family who is full of laughter and caring people.

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