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Kamdon from Texas



from Texas

Kamdon is a very energetic child who can be shy and to himself. Once he gets to know you he will open-up and have a conversation. At times, he loses focus and gets distracted. He continues to learn how to interact appropriately with others his age, but really enjoys having a good time with friends. He also spends a lot of time playing his PS4 gaming system. Kamdon also enjoys going to the main event to play as many games as he can. He describes himself as a smart kid who's a gamer. Kamdon likes watching movies especially funny ones that make him laugh. Like most kids his age, he can make poor choices at times, however he is working on getting better every day. Kamdon has a lively imagination and will sometimes tell a story that did not actually happen. He is able to accept responsibility for his actions and words and can easily be redirected. He is at his best when he is riding his bike, playing outside and sports of all kinds especially basketball. He dreams that one day he will meet his all time favorite player James Hardin.

Kamdon's family will be stable and makes him feel a part of the family by providing him with unconditional love. His family will be active in the community, love outdoor activities and enjoys family time together. He requires a home that understands the importance of age appropriate boundaries. His forever family will take an interest in the activities he enjoys and be able to provide consistent structure. Kamdon would like a family who lives in or around the Houston area.

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