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Kamion from Texas



from Texas

Kamion is a young girl, who can appear to be very shy upon meeting. Kamion is very soft spoken and at times chooses to limit her conversation with new people around her. She is a very charming and sweet youth who can be helpful at times. Kamion has some difficulty with being redirected, especially if she is already upset by something. Kamion is working on her voice tone and being more compliant towards authority figures when she gets upset. She is making improvements in appropriately expressing her feelings. Kamion does well in an academic setting and enjoys going to class. She prefers to stay to herself and she enjoys reading books and working on arts and crafts. Kamion also likes attending church and is very familiar with the Bible. She loves participating in family outings, such as dining out and going to the mall or the movies. Kamion loves to listen to music, play games, swim, and play video games.

Kamion will do well in a home that either has no children or a child who is a bit older than her. Kamion is accustom to being in a home environment consisting of one parent, but a two parent household will be good for her as well. She needs a home that is well structured in discipline, in which there are strong parenting skills present. The ideal family will capable of dealing with children who have challenging behaviors. Patience and strong nurturing skills are be key characteristics of the prospective parents.