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Karissia from Texas



from Texas

Karissia likes to be called Shay. She is a strong minded and determined youth. She does well in school and wants to go to college so she can better her future and achieve life goals. She currently enjoys art class, medical terminology, and physical education. Shay loves to cook and help with running the household. Some of her favorite foods are shrimp fettuccine, hamburger and fries. She is very caring and affectionate toward other children and pets in the home. Shay enjoys fixing her dolls hair and inspires to learn new hairstyles for herself. She likes to spend her spare time doing arts and crafts, watching movies, listening to music, and talking on the phone.

Shay wants to feel secure and loved. She wants a family that can accept her for who she is and be there for her, supporting and guiding her into adulthood. She needs a family that can guide her in roles and responsibilities that she will need as she transitions into an adult.

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