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Karra from Texas



from Texas

Karra is a very happy girl. She enjoys music and being spoken to. Karra does better with structure and stability. She enjoys playing with her toys and being outside. Karra is very playful and loving at times. She has an infectious smile and laugh. She adores being talked to and playing age appropriate games. Karra has medical needs that will need dedicated care. Karra is very attentive to everything around her. She is loving and enjoys being held. She does well in a structured and patient environment. Karra is a very delighted and content young girl. She benefits from a support system including doctors who can adhere and structure her care.

Karra wants a family who will provide her a stable home environment. The ideal family will be loving, caring, patient, and attentive to her needs to ensure that she flourishes in their home. Karra will benefit from a family that is cheerful and committed. A family that can provide her with permanency and encouragement will be beneficial. Her ideal family will ensure she continues to participate in supportive services and that her medical needs are met. Kara needs a family that will allow her to express herself as an individual.

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