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Kashton from Texas



from Texas

Kashton is a quiet and shy boy who likes a lot of one on one attention. He likes to joke around with people and educate others on lizards, snakes and dinosaurs. He has a small speech impediment but works hard in school. He receives special services in school to help him succeed. He is a quirky boy that loves reptiles. He has a lizard that he likes to show off. He likes to research, study, and learn new things about reptiles. He does not like loud noises or being left out of things. He likes to know what is going on in his life. Will run and hide if he feels threatened. He is a thoughtful child and caring child. He loves to be outside. He loves fishing. He loves animals and is good with them. He loves to watch television and play video games.

Kashton's forever family will accept him and his love of reptiles. They will be understanding of his behaviors. They will work with the school to help him meet his needs. He does not do well in a loud environment so he will need a quiet home setting. He does well with other kids, but would do better in a home with not a lot of kids. His forever family will provide him with one on one attention.

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