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Kassie from Texas



from Texas

Kassie is a very outgoing and loving child that enjoys interacting with her peers. She likes to listen to music, shop and be outdoors. She likes to be active and likes to be in extra-curricular activities. Kassie is sweet and kind and deserves to have a family that will love, care, and support her. Kassie is very bright student and does well in school. Although, school is not her favorite she thrives. Kassie benefits from encouragement and takes well to those who communicate with her and enjoys meaningful conversations. She is very shy and reserved at first. It does take Kassie a while to warm up to new people and feel comfortable. Kassie will be a great addition to a loving and nurturing forever family.

Kassie's forever family will provides love, patient and support. In addition, her family will be a loving family that will be willing to reassure her and give her security and stability. Kassie's family will help her establish a new foundation for success in life. Kassie's family will encourage and provide healthy communication and emotional support.

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