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Katelyn from Texas



from Texas

Katelyn loves to laugh a lot and is somewhat of a jokester. She loves being connected with family and feeling loved and appreciated. She loves to listen to music and finds this to be very calming for her. Katelyn is easily engaged by word puzzles, coloring and journaling. Putting her feelings on paper assists with processing certain feelings. Katelyn longs to be loved by someone and feel they really mean it. She keeps her guard up, and can be slow to trust. Once she gets to know you, she is a cool girl! She is very loyal once you gain her trust. Katelyn loves to eat different foods and is not a picky eater. She states she always cooked when at home with her grandmother. Katelyn loves going out to eat at different restaurants as social outings.

Katelyn needs a structured home environment which can provide her with stability and love. She loves to be around adults and receive affection from them, so it's important her family provides her with attention she craves. She hopes for a family who enjoys participating in different entertainment activities together. Katelyn desires to be adopted. She wishes for a family who offers unconditional support, guidance, and supervision. She hopes to be able to travel. Her family will help her explore her gifts and talents and encourage her to excel to her full potential. Most of all, her family will understand her stumbling blocks and assist her to overcome them, celebrating the milestones and using every day as a stepping stone.

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