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Kathrine from Texas



from Texas

Kathrine is a very sweet child. She is very soft spoken, but she meets no stranger. Kathrine enjoys playing with My Little Pony and Barbie's. She also likes to color, ride bikes, and play dress-up. She likes to eat chicken nuggets and French fries. Kathrine struggles with following directions and with redirection at times. She also struggles with her speech if she gets too excited or upset. Kathrine has a strong bond with her brother, Braydon, and would like to live with him again. She says that her brother is the person who can make her laugh all the time.

Braydon and Kathrine are loveable children who get along great. They have a strong sibling bond and understand each other. Although they don't currently live together, they will be adopted together. They talk about how much they love each other all the time. Braydon and Kathrine both enjoy playing with My Little Pony and eating chicken nuggets. They like to swim and enjoy the outdoors. Braydon is a very sweet boy who loves the outdoors and animals. Kathrine is also sweet and bubbly. She does not meet a stranger. Braydon and Kathrine like to play games and hide-and-go-seek together. They would love a family who will adopt both of them.

Kathrine will benefit from positive reinforcement. A family with lots of patience and love is ideal for her. Kathrine will need structure and a family who has the time to work with her. She will do well with a family who has the time to give her attention and work with her to help her succeed in life. Kathrine is not picky about what kind of family she wants, as long as she can live with her brother. Kathrine and Braydon will be adopted together.