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Kaveon from Texas



from Texas

Kaveon is a joy to be around. His energy will keep a family actively enjoying life. He is very sociable and has been known to adjust to a caregiver with ease. He is affectionate and kind hearted and expects this response from his caregiver. Kaveon has a vivid imagination that will make anyone smile. He loves to be outside and once he gets up in the morning and gets going he does not slow down. Kaveon can be physically expressive when he is upset. Kaveon eats well and likes to eat corn dogs, cookies, and pizza. He is a fast learner. His favorite color is blue. Kaveon enjoys coloring, drawing, and watching movies with his brother, Cleedarrion. Sometimes at school, he gets distracted and has to be redirected to stay on tasks. However, he responds quickly to rewards and positive reinforcement. Kaveon is working towards developing his speech and pronunciation of words. If he had a wish, he would like to have a huge coloring book to color.

Cleedarrion, Ashantianna, and Kaveon are unique siblings with loving personalities. Cleedarrion is the oldest of the three. He is like a teddy bear; warm, laid back, but sensitive. Ashantianna has a bubbly sense of humor and wants to be noticed by others. Kaveon is like a 100-watt lightbulb; he is full of energy and will steal your heart. When they are together, they are happy and playful. They have some sibling disagreements at times, but for the most part, enjoy being together. The boys have more in common with each other than with their sister. This trio loves each other and wants to be together. Cleedarrion, Ashantianna, and Kaveon are looking for their forever home. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

Kaveon needs a family that will be supportive of his physical, emotional, and social needs. He needs a family that will reassure him that he will return when he goes to school or has to be away from the family temporarily. His family will need to be affectionate and compassionate about his feelings. Kaveon needs to feel he can trust his caregivers and understand they are always available for him. His family needs to be active and able to advocate for his needs in the community.