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Keeya from Texas



from Texas

Keeya is a bundle of fun and will keep anyone guessing what she'll do next. She is outgoing and likes to play basketball and will play for hours at a time. At times, Keeya requires a lot of attention from her peers and adults, because she is extremely high energy and youthful. She likes to tell people that she loves them and she will become very attached to those she feels comfortable with. If Keeya believes she has hurt anyone's feelings, she will become very apologetic and affectionate. Keeya is very likeable and will try to please those she feels close to. She is very family-oriented and protective of those she loves.

Keeya needs a family who is equipped to handle her high energy. She demands a lot of attention and will reciprocate with lots of love and affection. Keeya will benefit from a two parent family who will cultivate her likes and interests, as well as be able to support her decisions and choices. Her family will show her how to address different situations with a positive attitude.

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