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Keirce from Texas



from Texas

Keirce is a very sweet and loving child who has a lot of energy to share with everyone. He enjoys playing games, especially at child entertainment centers. Keirce enjoys family outings to the movies so much that he may not want to leave if he really likes the movie! He needs encouragement at times to keep focused on activities. Keirce is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and is primarily non-verbal. He attends classes to address his specialized daily needs and challenges. Keirce has been exposed to sign language in order to enhance his communication skills. He is able to use sign language as a form of communication, but it is very limited. Keirce's caregiver reported that he has spoken the word "chicken" and certain names, but he will say the word once and then you never hear it said again. Keirce loves affection and is closely bonded to those who show they care. He likes being the baby of the family, as he enjoys receiving attention from older children and caregivers. Keirce finds comfort in familiarity and will interact more once he is comfortable with a person and his environment.

Keirce will benefit from a family with older children in the home. He does not do as well with younger children. Keirce requires close supervision to ensure his safety. This outstanding youth is affectionate and loving toward others. Keirce has so much to share with his new family and you will quickly connect with his heart and soul forever.