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Kennedy from Texas



from Texas

Kennedy is an imaginative and active girl. She is thoughtful and caring and likes to make others laugh. Kennedy enjoys being creative by drawing, coloring, and coming up with imaginative stories. She enjoys sharing her stories and pictures with those she cares about. Kennedy loves music, whether listening to it or singing and performing it for others. Kennedy likes playing mermaid princess, watching "My Little Pony", and playing with her baby dolls. Kennedy's favorite things to do are to play games outside and spend time with those she cares about. Kennedy's favorite foods are pizza and Chinese food. She wishes to always have a friend to play with and to have a forever family. Kennedy wants to show others her talents to make them laugh. She is a bright child full of imagination! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

The best forever family for Kennedy will be patient, kind, and loving. Kennedy's forever family will devote one on one time and attention to her. Kennedy will thrive in a home that is structured, has clear boundaries, and allows room for growth.

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