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Keprisha from Texas



from Texas

Keprisha is a princess who blossoms like a flower when she feels loved and appreciated. She is extremely loving and has a happy and outgoing personality. Keprisha has an experimental and curious side to her nature which makes her a child who is fun to be with. She is affectionate and interacts well with everyone and tends to make a very positive and lasting impression on everyone she meets. Keprisha is shy at first but will warm up to you quickly if you spend time with her. She enjoys crafts, artwork, watching cartoons, and likes one on one attention. Keprisha likes animals and wants to have a small dog of her own someday. Keprisha struggles with redirection and needs a family with a lot of patience. Keprisha likes to listen to music and watch the Disney channel in her free time.

The family needs to be patient and willing to demonstrate the ability to implement daily routines on a consistent basis. Keprisha needs a family who is patient and willing to do many pre-placement visits, as she struggles with change and trusting others. Keprisha will thrive best with a loving and supportive family who can provide a significant amount of structure. Keprisha would like to be the only child but would not mind having an older sister.