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Keyshawn from Texas



from Texas

Keyshawn has lovely manners and likes to be helpful. He enjoys playing video games such as Super Mario and is a big fan of Angry Birds. He also likes to braid hair on Barbies and make loom band bracelets. Keyshawn has a difficult time dealing with his behaviors when he becomes angry. He is making progress in expressing his feelings. He finds focusing on a task can reduce his stress. Keyshawn is affectionate and likes to give and receive hugs. He likes to use different types of backpacks to carry all of his belongings. His biggest wish is to find a family that wants to adopt him.

Keyshawn will thrive in a home with experienced parents who will provide him with a very structured environment. He will do best as the youngest child or the only child in the home. The family will be patient and willing to answer the same question repeatedly and be prepared to repeat instructions for Keyshawn to complete a task. They should be prepared to meet Keyshawn's needs throughout his life.