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Kieston from Texas



from Texas

Kieston is an adorable young boy full of love and energy. He has an awesome and charming personality and is affectionate and loving towards others. Kieston can be timid and shy at first, but warms up as he gets to know you. Kieston gets along well with his same age peers and he really likes to play with his friends and peers. He also will play independently by himself for a period of time. Kieston loves to give hugs and high-fives. He enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Moana, and going to see movies. He loves to dance and clap to the beat of the music. Kieston also enjoys singing lullabies and Disney songs. He also enjoys playing and throwing balls, climbing and just standing. Kieston is starting to mimic words he hears. He benefits from patience and frequent prompts when he is moving to a different activity or when there is a significant change in his schedule. He does best with a structured schedule or routine. Kieston is a determined young boy who does not let things get in the way of enjoying life!

The ideal family for Kieston will provide consistent attention, structure, constant supervision, flexibility, and be willing to learn how to care for Kieston. Kieston needs close supervision to ensure his safety as he sometimes fails to perceive harmful or dangerous situations. His family will provide a loving, structured, and consistent environment. A family who offers patience, understanding, and continued guidance will be beneficial for him and his continued personal growth. Kieston desires a forever family who will be committed to him for the rest of his life. His family will recognize the need and importance for continued therapeutic services to ensure his needs are being fully met so that he can live a happy and productive life. They will spend a lot of one-on-one time with Kieston and access the resources he needs. He would do well in a two-parent household who can provide the time and attention he deserves. Families who have experience with children that have medical needs would be helpful.

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