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Kimberly from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81886

Kimberly is a youth who enjoys spending her time talking to her siblings, playing with peers who have similar interests, and avoids those who may seek to bring her down or discourage her from doing well. Kimberly is an artistic girl who loves to draw, paint, and color. She likes doing others' hair and will practice on others or herself. In addition, she is also fascinated with doing make-up. Kimberly loves to be active by engaging in play with others or simply going for walks, runs, or exercising. She loves to play basketball, swim, or simply go on outings and visit new places. She also has a sense of humor and enjoys spending her time laughing or making others laugh. In particular, Kimberly enjoys finding funny posts made by others on social media.

Kimberly desires a family who will love and trust in her to do well. Above all else, she wants to be able to bond with a good family who will treat her right. Kimberly is anxiously awaiting her forever home. The perfect family for Kimberly will be one who promotes positive thinking and actions. The best family for her will build a trusting and loving relationship with her and be understanding of where she has come from and where she wants to go. Kimberly deeply seeks to maintain contact with her siblings, so a family willing to maintain this contact is preferable.

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