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Kingston from Texas



from Texas

Kingston enjoys watching his older brother play video games and often plays with him. He loves to play soccer and go swimming. Kingston enjoys watching superheroes movies, including Marvel movies. He enjoys characters such as Spider-Man, Batman, the Hulk, and all the other adventures characters. However, his favorite characters are the Power Rangers. He hopes he can have many Power Rangers' outfits one day because they will make him feel strong. His favorite foods are hot chips and chicken nuggets and his favorite color is black. He has a close connection with both of his siblings, but is very close to his older brother. Kingston has a very caring personality and can be shy until he warms up to you.

Jacobi, Kingston, and Khloe are a fun and energetic sibling group! They enjoy dancing, swimming, watching TV, and eating dinner together. The children especially love spending quality family time together. All three siblings' favorite food is chicken nuggets. The children love helping each other and others. Jacobi is the eldest of the three siblings. He loves to help around the house and with his younger siblings. Jacobi loves playing video games and eating. Kingston has a funny personality and love to dance. He enjoys watching his older brother play video games and often plays with him. Khloe loves playing dress up and with her dolls. The siblings are very caring, but they can be shy until they warm up to you. These three have a close relationship with each other and enjoy dressing alike.

Kingston will benefit from a two-parent household. He desires love and attention from his parents. He will also benefit from a family who is not only loving and patient with him, but toward his siblings as well.

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