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Kira from Texas



from Texas

Kira is a very sweet and caring teenage girl. She is very selfless and considerate to others and their feelings. Kira is energetic, outgoing, and sociable. She finds it easy to meet new people and make new friends. Kira enjoys indoor activities as well as outdoor activities. She loves watching television. She absolutely adores animals and her favorite animals are dogs. Kira is involved in sports such as swimming, basketball, track, softball, and volleyball. In basketball, Kira is very good on defense but not as good at free throws. Kira has not identified a favorite sport but likes them all equally. Kira is smart and does well in school. Her favorite subjects are math and science. She identifies her personality as talking a lot, but does not liking big crowds. Kira has undergone many obstacles in her past, however she continues to strive and be the best that she can be in spite of this. Kira has become very open-minded and receptive to change.

Kira will do well with a family who will provide a loving, nurturing, and structured living environment for her. A family who is able to offer guidance, patience, and understanding to all of Kira's needs is ideal. Kira desires a forever family who will be committed to her for the rest of her life. Kira stated she desires either a single parent home or two parent home with smaller children. Kira is excited about her new family and has expressed eagerness to meet them. Her family will recognize the importance for continued therapeutic services and to follow all recommendations to ensure that Kira's needs are fully met.

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