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Krystal from Texas



from Texas

Krystal is a very active youth who has a sweet personality. Her energy is easy to radiate toward those she is around. Krystal is a leader and role model to her peers, and she likes being a good role model and leader. She enjoys her time outdoors playing basketball or volleyball. Krystal never shies from an adventure. She does really well in school and likes to be challenged as she takes advance courses. Krystal likes listening to music, talking on the phone with her friends, using social media, and putting on makeup. She likes to color her hair as well. Krystal can be a little shy at first, but once you break the ice, she is a loving and silly girl. She wishes to be adopted by a loving family!

Krystal will benefit from a family with fewer children who are possibly her age or older, and who have experience parenting. She will need family who encourages her to maintain contact with her adult siblings. Krystal will thrive in a family who is active and loves being outdoors. She will love a family who is committed to her and loves her unconditionally.

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