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Ky'lee from Texas



from Texas

Ky'Lee is a fighter through and through and will continue to excel in all she can. She is a very sweet and a happy child. Ky'lee enjoys being talked to and getting individual attention. She loves to be held! Ky'Lee enjoys watching TV such as Peppa Pig and Baby Einstein videos, and loves listening to music. Her favorite toys are ones that light up and make noises. She enjoys being on the swings outside. She responds to loving interaction. She smiles and make sounds in response to faces, music, and voices. Ky'lee seems to enjoy it when people play with her. She is vocal and will squeal when people talk to her. She loves to be fed food. She likes to roll around. Ky'lee loves to be around others and will cry when people leave the room. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas. Ky'lee is diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy, sleep apnea, and sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury. Ky'Lee uses a wheelchair for mobility. She currently receives supportive services at school. Her needs are met through her caregivers and nurses, she will continue to require support and assistance throughout life.

Ky'Lee will do best in a family who has some medical knowledge or is willing to learn about her specific medical and developmental needs. Her family will take her to all medical specialists' appointments and stay on top of any additional medical needs that may arise. Ky'Lee will need a family who is committed to her long-term wellbeing. Her forever family will understand she will always rely on her family's help and supervision to meet her daily needs. Ky'lee needs a family who is nurturing and understanding of her lifelong requirements, but also sees the importance of encouraging her to reach her potential.

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