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Kymberlee from Texas



from Texas

Kymberlee is a determined and affectionate teenager. She is naturally kind to those around her and enjoys meeting new people. Kymberlee enjoys showing love and affection to those close to her and those she considers her friends. She is especially nurturing to animals. She has a special interest in dogs. Kymberlee enjoys being part of a group activity and accomplishing something together. Kymberlee has a sweet tooth and enjoys indulging in sweets! She is charismatic and funny on some days and also has days where she needs a little extra love and encouragement. Kymberlee often feels unsure of those around her and needs regular reassurances of security. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Kymberlee wants to feel secure and settled in her family. She needs frequent encouragement and love in order to thrive. Kymberlee's family will explore her interests and help her be successful in everything she does. Her family will give her reassurance and tools to build her self-esteem. Kymberlee's family will celebrate her achievements and be understanding when she is struggling or dealing with issues from her past.