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Kyra from Texas



from Texas

Kyra is a very bubbly and bright youth with a smile that lights up an entire room! She is very loving and caring when it comes to other people and animals. Kyra is a very active teenager who likes to spend a lot of her time outdoors. She enjoys activities such as camping, 4-H, playing games, watching movies, drawing, and coloring. Kyra also enjoys playing sports which include basketball, soccer, football, and track. She is interested in pursuing her newfound likeness in the photography world. When Kyra grows up, she would love to work in a field that either helps people or animals. Occupations that intrigue Kyra include a counselor, teacher, or a vet. She benefits from a little extra push when it comes to school but does her absolute best to succeed in whatever she does. Kyra will make a great addition to a family, but she will need time to trust and connect with her forever family.

Kyra will benefit with a two-parent family who will provide her with unconditional love, structure, and appropriate discipline. She has a sister who is not part of this adoption. It will be beneficial for her family to be open to maintaining contact with her. Kyra will also benefit from a family who will provide her support for her educational needs. Her ideal family will understand and navigate with Kyra through the dynamics of adoption. Kyra would prefer to be adopted by a family who does not live in a big city, does things together as a family, and has many animals. It is important that her family support Kyra's interest in athletics and 4-H. Kyra will do best in a family who not only loves her but can provide her with stability, act as a sounding board, and will be there for her through good or bad choices.

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