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La'damin from Texas



from Texas

La'Damin is friendly and loyal to his friends. He has a direct, outgoing personality and enjoys others who are honest and upfront with him. La'Damin is an athlete and enjoys participating in both basketball and football sports leagues. He is kind and sweet and enjoys hanging out, watching movies, and laughing with friends. La'Damin also enjoys a range of electronics from video games to collecting speakers. He can do very well academically but may need encouragement from time to time. He enjoys going places and especially enjoys traveling to outdoor parks. He can also be very helpful and kind to others. Visit me at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

La'Damin will do best in a home that provides routine day to day structure. He needs supportive, patient, and encouraging parents. He will thrive with a family that has a mother and father. He needs a family who will love and accept him and one that will help him reach his goals.

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