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La'micka from Texas



from Texas

La'Micka is an outgoing girl with a lot of personality and energy. She loves to joke around and enjoys making others laugh. La'Micka makes friends easily and enjoys being active with her friends. La'Micka is a resilient youth who needs support at times when adjusting to a new change. La'Micka responds well to positive reinforcement. She enjoys writing poetry and painting. La'Micka also loves to read and listen to music. She enjoys dancing and playing basketball. La'Micka is able to see the positive side in difficult situations and tries to be optimistic. She desires to be a part of family and feel wanted.

La'Micka wants to feel secure, loved, and supported. La'Micka needs a family who is very active, open in their values and beliefs, and enjoys music and artistic activities. Her ideal family will be nurturing and patient. La'Micka needs a stable family who offers structure and a predictable environment. Her family will love her unconditionally and make her feel accepted. Her family will be an advocate for La'Micka and help guide her as she continues to make progress.

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