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Lauren from Texas



from Texas

Lauren is a sweet, thoughtful, and sociable girl that is ready to find a loving forever family. Lauren can present as shy and reserved when first getting to know her but once she is comfortable, she can become a social butterfly. Lauren loves to sing and dance and listen to music. She loves spending time with her siblings as much as possible. She also enjoys going on outings and having fun with friends. In her down time, Lauren enjoys drawing and taking pictures. Lauren would like to travel the world and hopes to have the opportunity to explore all of Europe one day. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Lauren will do well in a two parent home with well-defined parental roles, who value family, culture, and encourage individuality. An ideal home for Lauren will be one with parents who are supportive, positive, actively involved and willing to spend one on one time with her or be still in the moment with her. Lauren will thrive in a home that instills love and trust, focusing on goals and accomplishments to boost self-esteem. It is important that Lauren's forever family consistently take note of her thoughts and ideas and support her hopes and dreams. Lauren has two younger half-siblings with whom she is very close to and has regular sibling contact. The siblings are being adopted separately which she is in full support. Lauren will need a family that is supportive of her sibling relationships and open to maintaining and preserving the sibling bonds. Lauren is ready and excited to find her forever family.