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Layla from Texas



from Texas

Layla is a sweet, spirited, and strong-willed girl who likes to play chase and interact with her toys. She enjoys exploring her environment and will walk around the house all day long. She is not big on hugs or cuddling, but will accept it for a very brief moment. Layla is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She can be very selective in who she chooses to share her affection with. Layla does not like feedings through her G-tube and becomes irritable during feeding times. On occasion, Layla will say a 3-4 word sentence and will have moments of spontaneous speech. Layla loves to say "no" and likes to get her way. She enjoys listening to Disney music, nursery rhymes, and she loves dancing.

Layla is anxiously awaiting her forever family! Layla needs a family who will be committed to her for the rest of her life, as she will need long-term care. Her family will be very flexible in their schedules in order to accommodate her many doctor and supportive service appointments. Her ideal family needs to be hands on and very active with Layla so she can continue making progress developmentally.

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