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Levi from Texas



from Texas

Levi is a very sweet and extremely honest boy. He has a big heart for animals, is an expert video gamer, and he loves to swim and be outdoors. He interacts well with other children, but benefits from having space to have times of solitude. Levi enjoys science at school and loves to learn facts about topics that interest him. He participated in band at school and he would love the opportunity continue being in the band to be able to participate at school events or competitions. Levi is very loyal to those in his close circle, but it does take some time, reassurance, and encouragement to build a connection with him. He is particularly close to his adult sister and hopes his forever family will help him remain connected to her. Levi says his ideal family would live in the country or near mountains where they can hike, fish, and hunt. He looks forward to having a dad who will play video games with him, and having multiple family pets.

Levi will benefit from a family who has already established structure, and is willing to work at his pace towards building a connection. He gets along with other children, but he would benefit from a home where he could be the youngest child. He calms down quickly when he is frustrated and redirects easily. Levi will thrive in a family who appreciates his need for a set routine and structured environment.

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