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Levi from Texas



from Texas

Levi likes playing sports, especially basketball and football, so grab a ball and join this terrific boy on the field! He also enjoys reading mystery books. He likes nachos and chicken nuggets, but pizza is one of his favorite foods. Levi loves puppies and believes he can take care of one. He would love to have a pet in his forever home. If Levi has to be inside, then he likes to play video games. He will settle down and watch a good movie, work a puzzle, or read for fun. Like most children his age, chores are not one of his favorite things to do. Levi does well in his class work. He is a bright child, but needs structure and supervision as he interacts in the school setting. Levi's favorite subject is math and reading. His least favorite subject is science. Levi needs advocates and encouragement to help him continue to gain momentum and make progress in his academics. He understands the concept of adoption and is ready for it. Levi is still working through his feelings, but he is making wonderful progress. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas. View my video on KLTV "Gift of Love".

Levi needs a family that will provide him with structure and guidance. His family will also need to be patient, nurturing, attentive, and affectionate. They will need to understand the transition that Levi will go through in his new home. Levi needs a family who will set clear rules and expectations and provide consistency in his life. He needs a family that will advocate for him in the school setting. He will do best in a family where he is either the only child or the youngest. A family who will spend time together as a family outdoors and indoors is best. Levi has a relationship with his sister, who is not part of this adoption, and wishes to remain in contact with her.