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Lilyana from Texas



from Texas

Lilyana is a curious and friendly teenager who likes listening to music, playing on her tablet, watching television, and riding her bike. She loves fashion and girly things, like painting nails and fixing her hair. Lilyana can be challenging at times, but she is learning ways to manage her behavior. She has difficulty with relationships and needs reassurance from her caregivers to boost her self-esteem. Lilyana is a girly girl who likes to dress up. She reports that she wants to be a cosmetologist when she grows up. Lilyana also says that she likes reading and studying her bible. Lilyana is usually reserved unless she gets upset. Lilyana loves to eat at Mexican restaurants. She does best being on a schedule and having a predictable routine.

Lilyana will do best with a single mother or two parent family that can provide her with a stable and caring environment. She will benefit from a home where she is the only child or the youngest child. Lilyana needs a family who will provide her with extra support for her educational needs. Lilyana needs a family who will have lots of patience and be a good role model.

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