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Liyah from Texas



from Texas

Liyah is a spunky teenager with a lot of character. She has a beautiful smile which radiates warmth and energy. She is a spirited young lady, and she actively advocates for what she desires. She is open with her communication and likes to express how she is feeling. She is very likeable and makes friends easily. She enjoys attending church functions and is currently attending bible study weekly. She is described as sweet, helpful, and funny. Liyah is a vegetarian. She loves to journal, and you can find her journaling in her spare time. She also likes playing on her tablet. She likes to spend time outside by bike riding. She is currently interested in joining the crotchet club. She loves animals and would like to learn more about dog training. She is interested in attending the horsemanship class at her current placement. Liyah is a leader, and she currently is a student council representative. She even has her certification in child care for infant and toddler aged children. Liyah is ready for her forever family!

Liyah will do best in a home with few children, so her parents can devote time to her. She thrives on one-on-one time. Liyah's forever family will advocate for her in the school system. She needs extra assistance with reading so her forever parents will be sure she gets the resources she needs to succeed. Liyah's forever family will support and love her unconditionally. Her forever family will be open to seeking family counseling with Liyah in order to assist in the transition into an adoptive family. Liyah will brighten her forever home with her beaming smile and personality.

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