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Logan from Texas



from Texas

Logan is a sweet youth with a tender heart. He has overcome a lot in his young life. Logan likes animals, especially horses. He enjoys riding his bike and playing outside. Logan is a talkative youth who likes to ask questions about his surroundings and the things he sees. Logan enjoys living in the country and wants to live in an area where he can have pets. He loves horses and farm animals and wants to be able to raise some of his own and participate in 4H. Logan also likes playing football in his community and is looking forward to playing football in school one day. He enjoys playing video games. Listening to music, and watching videos. Logan is learning to cook and likes spending time with adults who can teach him new things. Logan is open to learning about people, new places, and new things. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Logan will thrive with a family who will help him explore his interests and promote his growth and development, socially and academically. The ideal family for Logan will provide love, acceptance, and guidance. He will do well with lots of activities to keep him engaged. He is seeking a family who enjoys the outdoors and being active. Logan needs a family who will accept him unconditionally.

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