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Lowrence from Texas



from Texas

Lowrence is a bright child who learns quickly. He is smart and funny. He loves to spend time with his brother, Nate. Lowrence demonstrates strong leadership qualities with his peers. He loves to spend time outdoors and is very active. He enjoys going on family outings to the park. Lowrence does well in school. He benefits from encouragement to complete assignments and praise for his progress. Lowrence likes to dress himself and be helpful with self-care and household chores. Staying with his brother is the most important thing to Lowrence. They play very well together, but have some typical sibling conflicts.

Nathanyl and Lowrence are brothers who love each other very much. They love to spend their time playing together outside. Although they have always had the ability to have their own bedrooms, they prefer to share a room. Nathanyl and Lowrence are active and athletic children. They want a family that will support and encourage them in sports. Nathanyl is a silly and caring little boy. Lowrence is a natural leader. Like most siblings, they have normal sibling conflict on occasion, but they get along very well together most of the time. Nathanyl and Lowrence are very focused on staying together.

Lowrence will do well with a two-parent family. He needs parents that will encourage him in his educational efforts, provide him with opportunities to be active, and engage in play with him. Lowrence has expressed interest in playing sports and needs an active family that will support him in this. He needs a consistent routine and appropriate discipline that guides him and reinforces positive behavior.

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