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Luis from Texas



from Texas

Luis is a very sweet youth who loves to be outside. He really enjoys playing soccer and hopes to play for his school. Luis also enjoys playing video games, completing crossword puzzles, and coloring when he is inside. He has expressed an interest in going into the military and flying planes when he gets older. Luis is very lovable and just wants to be accepted. He tends to get angry easily and has lashed out in the past with his foster siblings and caregivers. Luis acknowledges that he does this when he feels like he is not getting the desired attention from his caregivers. This is something he continues to work on with supportive services so he can express his feelings in a more appropriate manner. Luis has found that physical activity helps him release stress when he feels angry. He understands he will need to continue working on this and is willing to do so. Luis recently reconnected with his older siblings, who are not in care. It is important for him to be able to maintain these connections in the future. Luis loves pets and is a very big dog lover.

Luis needs an active family that loves outdoor activities and sports. He said he would feel more comfortable with a family that is of his same culture, so he looks like them and they share his interests. He prefers a Hispanic or Caucasian family. Luis has also stated he would like a two parent family with a mom and a dad. He is used to having children in the home, but will benefit from a family that will give him a lot of attention. When he is with a large group of children, he often does not feel special. Luis prefers to be the youngest child in the home. Luis will need continued supportive services to help him learn how to cope with his feelings of anger. He needs a family that will set clear rules and consequences. Luis responds best with short-term consequences and positive reinforcement. He needs parents that are understanding, patient, and loving. Luis deserves a family that is committed to him and will not give up on him when he gets upset about something.

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