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  Luis from Texas



from Texas

Luis is a happy, active, and affectionate boy. His smile will melt your heart. Luis enjoys singing, riding his tricycle, and playing outside. One of his dreams is to sing on stage with a microphone in front of a large audience. The thing that makes him laugh is when people say funny things. Despite his fragile medical condition, Luis is fully mobile and active. He loves to climb on anything! Often you can find him swinging from the monkey bars. If he is not outside, he may be enjoying his favorite cartoons, stuffed animals, or dolls. Chicken curry and yogurt are his favorite foods. Luis has had a kidney transplant and is in acute rejection. He is working with occupational, speech, and physical therapists to address his additional needs.

Luis's adoptive family will need to have medical training on how to care for him. He has a complex diagnosis that requires multiple interventions. Daily monitoring of his weight and calorie intake are vital. It is important that his adoptive family lives near his current providers. His daily care requires a full time caregiver or a family with the resources to pay for nursing care. His family will need to have the time to invest in ensuring he receives all of his medical services. A lifelong commitment to care for him is needed. Luis is considered too fragile to travel out of state thus only in-state families can be considered at this time.