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Luisa from Texas



from Texas

Luisa is a very bubbly, sweet, and caring child. At first, she can come off as shy and timid, but Luisa has made great progress in interacting and communicating with others. At times, she tends to keep to herself, but she looks forward to being loved. Luisa loves to feel as though she is given the opportunity to be independent and make her own decisions, especially when it comes to how she dresses. She enjoys being entertained with activities and enjoys some outdoor activities. Luisa tends to be a picky eater, but can be encouraged to try new foods. She enjoys going out to eat and will often request specific foods. Luisa is typically cooperative and considerate. She follows house rules and requires some redirection. At times, she benefits from repeated instructions and reminders to do certain tasks. Luisa can be forgetful, distracted, and unpredictable at times. She likes to play with children younger than her and does really well with them, since she likes to be the one who takes authority during play. Luisa benefits from individual attention. She may have her guard up when it comes to trusting adults. In difficult times, she likes to be hugged and cared for, and sometimes drawing and playing works well with her. Luisa also likes and does well with rewarding techniques. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Luisa is looking forward to finding a forever family. She will benefit from a family who makes her feel loved, secure, and accepted. She will do well with a family who offers patience and love and assists her with behaviors. Luisa will do well with a family with no children in the home, to better be able to provide her the best attention needed. Luisa will also do well in a structured environment which allows her to grow and develop her own interests. She needs a family who is very devoted, experienced, and willing to make a difference in her life to ensure she feels loved and protected. Luisa will thrive with a family who will provide her as much attention as possible and help her relax her guard with trusting others.

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