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Luke from Texas



from Texas

Luke is a charismatic and charming youth. He is able to get along well with adults and can carry on a conversation about different topics. Luke is very aware of his emotional and basic needs. He is quite inquisitive. Luke is interested in wanting to know how the world works around him. He enjoys collecting, trading, and looking at Pokemon cards. He also enjoys playing with his electronics, in particular his NES. Other times, Luke enjoys the outdoors, especially when he is able to play football. Luke is affectionate and caring, he is compassionate towards others. At times, he is very outspoken and independent. Luke tends to seek out people he can look up to but at the same time can be very independent.

Luke is able to get along well with some children but prefers to be the only child in a family or the youngest. He has no preference when it comes to parents, he wil be content in a single or two parent home. He would like to live with a family who will allow him to be himself as an individual. A family who will give Luke a great amount of attention and time will be best. Luke's family will need to be ready to support him in a positive way, by giving him praise and positive reinforcement. Luke requires a lot of intensive focus. Perhaps a family who has experience raising children but do not currently have children in the home or very few children, closer to his age, will be a good match. Luke is able to develop relationships with significant adults and when doing so becomes very attached. Luke has a brother who is not part of this adoption but with whom he would like to maintain contact.

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