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Lyssa from Texas



from Texas

Lyssa is a very outgoing girl. She has a passion for life and she will add excitement to yours with her enchanting smile and sweet personality. Lyssa exhibits a cheerful demeanor. She is family oriented and has a close connection with her older siblings. Lyssa has an active imagination, and she enjoys anything princess themed and playing with her stuffed animals. She is an animal lover, especially dogs. Lyssa does not like clowns or dolls because she thinks they are scary. Her favorite pastime is to play outside, as she is an active young girl. One of her favorite games to play is hide and seek. If she could have three magical wishes granted, she would want to have her birthday every day, receive a bike for her birthday, and have everything free. Lyssa is an affectionate child who likes to give hugs. She enjoys being challenged academically at school and earns high grades. She especially likes any school subjects where she is able to use a computer since she thinks they are fun to use. Will you be the forever family who plays hide and seek and goes on family bike rides with Lyssa?

Meet Nathan, Frankie, and Lyssa! This trio of siblings share a close-knit connection. Nathan takes his role as the eldest brother seriously and is protective of his younger brother, Frankie, and younger sister, Lyssa. Nathan enjoys playing paintball, football, and basketball. He enjoys engaging his mind by working on anything mechanical such as lawnmowers or bikes. Frankie is a sweetheart who makes everybody around him laugh with his witty sense of humor. He enjoys helping others and wants to build houses for the less fortunate. Lyssa enjoys anything princess related. She is sure to bring a smile to your face with her outgoing personality and passion for life. This sibling group enjoys spending time outdoors and likes to play tag and hide and seek together. Will you be the family to invite this loving sibling group into your heart and home? They are sure to fill your life with limitless love and laughter.

Lyssa will do well in a family who will provide her a structured environment, as she thrives on routine. Her family will understand change can be challenging and will be patient as Lyssa transitions into her forever family. Her ideal family will provide unconditional love for Lyssa.

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