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Madison from Texas



from Texas

Madison is a sweet youth who very much wants to be part of a forever family. She does well when she is praised and thrives off of positive attention. Madison wants to feel included and tries to fit in with the peers around her. She loves to do a variety of activities. Madison enjoys spending Saturday afternoons playing board games, video games, and enjoying outdoor activities. She loves going to the beach and going swimming. She also enjoys going to amusement parks and going out to eat. Madison is happy to spend one-on-one time doing arts and craft projects, listening to music, and helping around the house. Her favorite thing to do with others is dance. She loves babies and little kids. She is patient and careful with them. She also loves animals and says that dogs are her favorite. She is, at times, uncooperative in the classroom setting and often needs direction to comply with adult requests and rules. Madison desperately wants a family to call her own.

Madison needs a family with structure who will give her one on one attention. A family familiar with children who have special needs will benefit her as well. Madison says she does not care about the composition of her family as long as they will love her. She has specified wanting a dog and siblings with whom to bond. She will do well with younger siblings and says that she wants to be a big sister.