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Makayla from Texas



from Texas

Makayla is a youth who loves animals! She has assisted in raising goats and horses. Makayla would like to become a veterinarian when she gets older. She likes to shop and loves having a variety of different clothes. Makayla enjoys drawing and coloring to be able to show off her artistic side. She also is musical and writes her own songs. She enjoys attending school and makes A/B honor roll. Makayla likes a challenge in school and does not like being given "busy work." She thrives when shown lots of love, attention, and affection. Makayla has grown in areas such as discussing her feelings and sharing when she is not in a good mood. Makayla also likes to participate in swimming and outdoor activities. She enjoys listening to country music.

Her ideal family will be attentive, loving, and patient. Makayla needs caregivers who will work to earn her trust through stability, consistency and care. She will thrive in a two-parent home. Makayla's family will provide Makayla with a structured and active schedule. She needs a family who is patient, loving, and understanding of her background. Makayla will thrive with a family who will keep her engaged in doing fun things with them and with whom she can build trust in. Should the family have other older children, they need to be good role models for Makayla as she will copy others. Her forever family will know that the sky is the limit for Makayla's potential!

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