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Malachi from Texas



from Texas

Malachi is a youth with a big heart and laid-back personality. He enjoys having time to himself to think, and he can be described as "a thinker." Malachi enjoys activities like playing video games and watching YouTube videos. He really enjoys technology and anything that has to do with electronics. He loves to listen to music of different genres and will sometimes rap also. One of his favorite bands is Linkin Park. He loves to eat pizza and his favorite color changes every month, but right now its green. He is not into movies because Malachi enjoys staying active. He is into lifting weights, football, and track. Malachi is a good eater but like some teenagers he dislikes vegetables! He knows that he wants to be successful when he grows up but his dreams are still endless. He would like to be any one of the many things that he desires to be. He live in New York one day. Malachi likes sports so much that he goes to school mostly to play sports. His favorite subjects are athletics and P.E. Malachi is looking forward to meeting his forever family and would be a great brother for other children or pets!

Malachi's forever family will give him attention and understand he wants to have some age appropriate independence. His forever family will take the time to get to know him on a personal level and spend some individual time with him. They will be active and supportive of Malachi participating in sports. His forever parents will like to travel and take trips. His family will continue to seek any needed resources for Malachi. He has expressed that he would like a mom and dad, and would prefer to be an only child. However, he understands that his forever family might have other children already so he would prefer an older sibling over a younger sibling, if given a choice. Something important for Malachi is to have his own space so he would like to have his own room. He will benefit from a home that has structure but is also flexible.

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